New Laptops Coming For 2019

CES Will Reveal All of the Latest Laptop Options

We can’t wait to see what new laptops are revealed next week at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Rest assured that our Aviator laptop stand will fit them all!

laptop stand made in usa

This article from Consumer Reports gives us a sneak peak. 

2019 Laptop Trends

How To Adjust a 24-7 Chair for Control Rooms and 911 Call Centers

Ergonomic Evaluation and How To Adjust your 24/7 Chair Control Rooms and 911 Call Centers

How to adjust your 24-7 chair for control rooms or 911 call centers. Dispatch centers usually have three eight hour shifts per twenty four hour period, seven days a week. As various workers and shifts come and go, the chairs will need to be adjusted to fit the various operators body sizes. Proper adjustments of a 24/7 chair is important to maintain healthy postures while the shift worker is seated at the control station.

Our Best Selling Keyboard Tray

Below are Some Features and Benefits of the TT-OV-21 Keyboard Tray Arm


keyboard tray tt-ov-21


Height indicator gauge

• Allows users to easily adjust the height of their keyboard for maximum comfort, productivity and greater ADA compliance

• Dial tilt adjustment

• Tilt dial shows the angle of the tray as you turn the knob; also easy to use and provides greater ADA compliance

• Molded head tray constructed of durable engineered resin

• Lighter weight; added stability design allows higher height range; superior ergonomic form

• Ergonomic styling, low profile design

• Maximum comfort and leg room

• Patented, spring-assisted Lift-n-Lock™ counter balancing system (no knobs or levers)

• Precise adjustments are quick and easy

• 5.5” standard length neck

• Accommodates straight desktops or where space is limited

• Dual swivel option

• Allows keyboard tray to be parallel to the desk even when corner-mounted

• 360° swivel

• User can move keyboard freely from side to side

• Uses Teflon® technology gliding storage tracks

• Creates a smooth flowing motion; fully retractable when not in use

• Positive tilt lockout option

• Promotes healthier negative tilt of keyboard; reduces risk of repetitive stress injury

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24-7 Control Room Chair

Control Room Chairs for 24-7 Use

Our BodyBilt 24/7 line of special needs chairs for control rooms – Purchasing Manager’s Notes.

Bodybilt chairs are built to order with several options to fit the various end user height and weight range requirements. Please see our Office Chair page for more details

We usually sell a fairly standard model for 24/7 use, which comes in two size ranges – regular and the “Big and Tall” model.

24-7 control room chair


This standard model is the Intensive Use “Core” series, constructed with a high double rub tested upholstery, which is also wipeable. It’s called “Staccato” fabric. This chair comes with a headrest and the Staccato fabric is the most durable of the all, and also the least expensive. The “Core” series chair is in the $1490 price range for the regular size model (plus shipping). Please see attached brochure.

The Crew and Captain series use the same frame and mechanisms, but add more expensive upholstery options – with the Captain series being our top of the line leather and runs $2294.00

Laptops at CES

The New Laptops This Year Still Fit our Laptop Stand

Many new laptops were revealed this year at CES. The good news is that our laptop stand will fit any of them. This is a true testament to our simple, utilitarian design – spanning over 12 years now. Most times simple is better. Pictured below is one of the newer laptops from Lenovo that is featured in CES and the article below. The Carbon X-1 series.

laptop stand fits lenovoRead the full CES Laptop Article Here