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Laptop Stand On Desk

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recycled laptop stand

Made in the USA from Recycled Plastic (black only)


Today Show Laptop Stand

As Seen on the Today Show


laptop stand ergonomic

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Laptop Stand White

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Amazon Customers love our laptop Stand. Save money on Shipping if you are an Amazon Prime Member. Our laptop stand works on a table or desk.

Amazon Reviews Laptop Stand 

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Laptop Stand Instructions Assembly

Assembles in seconds to fit ALL laptops and netbooks – using wider or narrower slots.






Aviator Laptop Stand Specifications

Stored size: It’s 12.5” long, 3.5” tall at its tallest point and ½ inch wide.

Assembled size: 12.5” long by 9” wide (on the outer position – regular laptops) and 6” wide (on the inner position – netbooks) By 3.5” tall at its highest point.

Weight: 8 ounces (about half a pound)

Laptop Stand on Airplane

Laptop Stand on Airplane


laptop heat

No Fans Needed – Uses the Stack Effect – heat rises out the open back to cool naturally




Macbook Notebook Stand

Macbook Notebook Stand



laptop stand how to


notebook stand

eWheelie® Laptop & Keyboard Stand Our Original Reclinable Laptop Stand On Wheels (Not For Travel – Fits Keyboards Too) –


Laptop Stands & Ergonomics

The Laptop Stand offered by Keynamics LLC allows for very comfortable typing on your lap top, while avoiding the aches and pains associated with poor postures, carpal tunnel syndrome & musculoskeletal disorders. Also referred to as notebook stands, they meet the ergonomic guidelines of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) for ergonomic computer workstations, such as their emphasis on reclining and frequently changing your position as you work. See OSHA’s site at osha dot gov and search “Computer Workstations” – Our stand complies!

Both OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have spoken out, on the ergonomic problems that notebook computers cause. Keynamics has solved most of the issues associated with laptops and poor posture, such as the need to raise your screen toward the plane of your eyes and the need to hold your wrists at a neutral posture. We allow you to achieve this neutral wrist posture, regardless whether you use our riser on top of your desk or cantilevered off the front edge of your desk. Use it as a notebook platform to safely cantilever your laptop out over the front edge of your desk so you can recline as OSHA recommends.

The “lateral movement contact points” allow you to quickly move your laptop out of the way, freeing up your desktop for other tasks. Reach your ergonomic goals without having to buy a separate keyboard or a monitor.

The problem: A typical computer desk height is 29 inches, which is too high for proper keying and too low for proper viewing. The laptop keyboard is attached to the screen. Raise the screen to correct the viewing angle and your keyboard is too high for proper keying. Lower the keyboard for proper “neutral wrists” and the screen is too low for proper viewing. (Hence – “The Hunch”)

The Aviator functionally separates the keyboard from the screen, by changing both the user’s position and the laptop position. Other stands only change the laptop position.

Furthermore, they were wrong all those years when they told you to sit up straight. Sitting up straight compresses your spine. Think about it, would you drive a car sitting up straight – not for long!

Reclining transfers much of the downward pressure off your spine.

Laptop heat buildup: As an added bonus, the airspace created by the angle and open space below your lap top and heat convection reduces laptop heat.

Message from the Owner: ” Made in the USA – we manufacture the best laptop stands on the market, by focusing on ergonomics and healthy postures. The Aviator Laptop Stand conforms to OSHA recommendations for healthy computing. OSHA – the federal Occupation Safety and Health Administration is the United States authority on workplace safety.”

Note: With the recent increase in Stand Desk users, we are finding that spinning the Aviator laptop stand around 180 degrees (backwards from normal) produces a good reverse angle for typing while standing.

Thanks for stopping by – Greg Bright (owner)

We have sold thousands of Aviators and the feedback has been tremendous. Our Laptop Stand users are claiming to achieve neutral postures, reduction in repetitive stress injuries, less fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain and neck pain.