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Sit or Stand at Your Desk – You decide

Stand DeskStand Desks have been all the rage in Europe for years now.  Of course the US lags behind Europe when it comes to Office Ergonomics.  Our staff at Keynamics likes to do a little of both. Sit for a while, even in the reclined position working on our adjustable keyboard trays, then stand using our laptop on an adjustable monitor arm.

stand desk keyboard arm






Here is a great article on the debate…

Sit – Stand Desks


Sitting Disease – Keep Moving!

Sitting Disease is a joke among ergonomists – but the effects are real.  This is a great article on the proven dangers of sitting too long and how you can mitigate them.  They recommend “active sitting” or “active ergonomics”. Both our Aviator laptop stand and our BodyBilt chairs encourage active sitting. Enabling you to easily and frequently change your seated posture.  It really does not matter how healthy of a posture you have if you don’t frequently change it.  Keep moving!

active ergonomics active ergonomics