Keynamics is Closing Its Office Ergonomics Business

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* Many thanks to all of our customers and resellers over the past 20 years 

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About… Keynamics patented the first laptop stand and introduced them to the world back in 2003. The patent relied on three simple elements to improve posture and safety for laptop users.

  1. Effortlessly bring the work to the user by sliding the laptop to extend over the edge of the desk when reclined – or sliding it back on top of the desk for sitting upright or standing positions.
  2. Slant the keyboard to match the natural typing angle of the wrist.
  3. Raise the screen to proper eye level. 

Stay Healthy My Friends…

Laptop stands were just the beginning for Keynamics ®. Our founder and current owner, Greg Bright, invented and patented his notebook stand back in the mid 1990’s – back when most folks thought office ergonomics was some sort of disease.

Going to production in the first part of the new millennium, Mr. Bright was met with skepticism by laptop owners and professional ergonomists as well. “What’s a laptop stand and why would I need one?” was the typical response. (The ergonomic community was already up in arms over the proliferation of notebooks and denounced their usage all together.)

Well…the tsunami was hard to stop – notebooks and laptops are now outselling desktops and practically everyone has one . Even Corporate America is rushing out to replace all their old desktop PCs with notebooks, even for their non-traveling employees.

Today folks are becoming injured and ……..(read more below)

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Laptop Stands and the History of Keynamics

…..worker’s comp claims are going through the roof, from the improper postures caused by laptops – awareness for laptop stands is at an all time high.

Everyone that is “feeling the pain” now understands the importance of healthy postures and laptop ergonomics. Recent medical studies have proven that an “open” or slightly “reclined” posture is one of the healthiest ways to sit and most ergonomists agree. (*Most ergonomists agree that the open posture and reclined sitting are easier on your back. Most ergonomists also agree that there is no single “healthiest” or best posture . Near-neutral posture, variety in postures, movement, and changes are best.)

Traveling the safety and ergonomic show circuit, Mr. Bright began picking up other ergonomic computer workstation product lines that he knew would benefit his health and wellness minded customers – after all, the best laptop stand in the world can’t help someone if they are sitting in an improper chair.

Over the years Keynamics learned a ton about office ergonomics, but decided to shed these other product lines and came back to its roots of manufacturing and selling just laptop stands.

One interesting little piece of history, was the day Mr. Bright and his wife were exhibiting at the National Ergonomic Convention in Las Vegas. That day, Mr. Gene Kay (then American Express – Global Ergonomics Manager ) came by for a visit and commented “I think you have figured out the solution for laptops.”

Whether it’s ergonomic products you want or ergonomic training for your employees, Keynamics has it all. We even manufacture custom made ergonomic products for our vendors and customers.

We hope you become one of our 10,000 plus satisfied customers.

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Message from the Owner: “Thanks for stopping by. We manufacture as well as resell the best ergonomic products on the market, by following what OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) recommends for proper computer workstation postures. Please do not use any of the content on this website as medical advice. Always check with your physician or licensed healthcare practitioner for advice on medical issues and also before making any significant changes to your lifestyle, work habits, posture adjustments, exercise, yoga, diet, etc…” Thanks, Greg Bright

Ergonomics Conference

Left to Right: Gene Kay (ErgoAdvocate) and Keynamics Owner Greg Bright Exhibiting together at Risk & Insurance Management Society Show in Boston


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