Laptop Bans on Airplanes and Fires in Cargo Hold

United States Might Ban Laptops in Passenger Cabin

Your Aviator Laptop stand might be of no use, if you’re flying into the Untied States from some countries. We all love to get work done when flying and while waiting in airports with our laptop. For some of us, it’s our most productive hours on the laptop. As long as you’re staying comfortable with ergonomic postures, using our Aviator Laptop Stand of course ; )

laptop stand airport

This WIRED article brings up a good point. Are laptops stored away in cargo holds any safer?  Lithium-ion battery fires are serious stuff. Once ignited, they can not be extinguished until all of the chemical is used up. We would like to point out to the aviation officials that the natural airflow created underneath your laptop by our stand will keep your laptop cooler. One could argue, that this cooling affect could actually cause less lithium-ion battery fires – as long as passengers were using our laptop stands on the airplane tray table.

Keynamics promotes safety in the office and while traveling. We agree with WIRED that a bunch of laptops bouncing around in the cargo hold could start a lithium-ion battery fire – and worse yet, a chain reaction with multiple laptops burning…

See the WIRED article here

911 Call Center 24-7 Dispatch Chairs Needed

Wisconsin 911 Calls Centers and Dispatch Could Get Upgrades

The state of Wisconsin is considering a $6.7 million upgrade for every 911 call center. The upgrades will focus on IT. We hope they consider an upgrade of their 24-7 chairs as well. Keynamics has been providing 24-7 chairs for 911 call and dispatch centers of over 10 years – it’s our specialty.

A chair can do more to improve a dispatcher’s efficiency and comfort than any other office tool. Bodybilt chairs have been proven to provide more comfort that just about any other chair, while our 24-7 Intensive use line will last for many years.

24-7 dispatch control room chair

Bodybilt chairs are custom made to order with many options to fit various end user height and weight ranges. We usually sell a fairly standard model to 911 Call centers for 24/7 use.

Laptop Stand on Stand Up Desk

Use Our Laptop Stand at Your Stand Up Desk

An adjustable height Stand Up Desk is the best solution for sitting disease. Most ergonomists recommend being active as in active ergonomics. Sit for a while and stand for a while – while working on your laptop. The Aviator laptop sand is a great choice when standing as well as sitting. The angle is perfect to see the keyboard. The extra height is great for average height persons. We snapped some pictures while we were working on year end taxes. They’re done – YAY!

adjustable height desk laptop stand laptop stand adjustable height desk laptop stand up desk

On-Screen Drawing Devices Wacom and Aviator Laptop Stand

Our Aviator Laptop Stand Works Great as a Tablet  Stand or Digital Drawing Wacom Stand

A review from one of our Amazon customers

digita -tablet stand

Digital Tablet Stand – shown with Yoga Laptop

Amazon Review: “I’ve had my Keynamics Aviator stand since 2005 and it still isn’t showing any signs of wear. I originally bought it for use with a heavy HP workstation class notebook computer, but now it serves as an angled stand for my Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 16 TabletPC. For me, it’s absolutely perfect for that. It’s got a great angle for drawing, none of the vents are blocked, and there’s no risk of scratching the rear camera.

I love that it’s catelevered so that the front of my device is closer to me, while maintaining ultimate stability. It’s also light and packs

digital drawing stand

Digital Drawing Stand – shown with Yoga Laptop

relatively flat, so it’s not taking up much room in my backpack. I’ve been recommending them to everyone who’s been looking for a stand solution for their MobileStudio Pro, since Wacom has been lagging on the availability of the official stand. For the price and portability, I’d still go with this guy.”



tablet pc stand

Tablet PC Stand – shown with Yoga Laptop 

Pop A iPhone Stand

Cell Phone Stand and Bottle Opener on Keychain – Fits All Smartphones – iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Pixel, HTC, LG, Nokia

phonestandbottle opener phone stand









Buy it Here on Amazon

  • Made from Surgical Stainless Steel – Made in the USA
  • Includes a High Quality 5/8″ Split Stainless Steel Keyring – also Made in the USA
  • Beer bottle, phone, and keys are not included
  • No Sharp Edges – Tumbled in special Media to give the Stainless a hand worn / soft touch finish

The Pop-A Cell Phone Stand and Bottle Opener is 100% Made in the USA from heavy gauge surgical grade Stainless Steel. Even the included Stainless Steel Key Ring is made in the USA. We tumble the stand in a special Media to give the Stainless Steel a hand worn / soft touch finish. The included small split keyring is NOT designed to hold your keys. It acts as a swivel to attach a larger keyring to. This swivel action allows your keys to move around freely and “Nest” inside the “cup” of the stand. This nesting feature allows you to nest the keys inside of the stand, taking up less space inside your jeans pocket, or a purse – Fits All Smartphones – iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Pixel, HTC, LG, Nokia

Bariatric Chairs

Bariatric Office Chairs – OR – Bariatric Guest Seating

We have two models of bariatric chairs. Keynamics special needs seating provides a very sturdy solution for the large individual. Our Bariatric chairs offer the perfect answer for office chairs or as use as guest seating. Our chairs, with their sturdy reinforced construction are designed to accommodate individuals up to 700 lbs.

Listed below the highlights on the two models, with pricing. Our chairs are custom built to order and usually take about 10 business days to build.

SS2500 – Bench style bariatric chair – Warranted to 700 pounds

Price – $2499.00 – plus shipping
Upholstery recommendation: Staccato high double rub tested – plus breathable / wipeable fabric. It’s also the lowest cost upholstery option – we usually put these on our 24/7 chairs.

bariatric chair


iPad Stand is Back in Stock

Our iPad Stand is Ready for Christmas

We have a fresh batch of iPad Stands in. Our iPad stand is basically the same design as our popular iPhone stand, just 33% larger. Buy it On Amazon



ipad stand black

ipad stand silver

The iPad stand allows “hands free” functionality on your iPad. Position your iPad on the stand for better ergonomics at your desktop, kitchen countertop (easy recipe reading), kitchen table, Works great with wireless keyboards.

  • Available in Black or Silver – iPad Stand construction: Laser cut & anodized with grain – aluminum unibody

Buy it On Amazon

  • Solid Aluminum – Recycled Made in the USA
  • Compatible with all iPads,e-book readers and most tablet PCs
  • Accommodates most cases and skins
  • Easy cable management access from either side