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Our iPad Stand is Ready for Christmas

We have a fresh batch of iPad Stands in. Our iPad stand is basically the same design as our popular iPhone stand, just 33% larger. Buy it On Amazon



ipad stand black

ipad stand silver

The iPad stand allows “hands free” functionality on your iPad. Position your iPad on the stand for better ergonomics at your desktop, kitchen countertop (easy recipe reading), kitchen table, Works great with wireless keyboards.

  • Available in Black or Silver – iPad Stand construction: Laser cut & anodized with grain – aluminum unibody

Buy it On Amazon

  • Solid Aluminum – Recycled Made in the USA
  • Compatible with all iPads,e-book readers and most tablet PCs
  • Accommodates most cases and skins
  • Easy cable management access from either side

Sit or Stand at Your Desk – You decide

Stand DeskStand Desks have been all the rage in Europe for years now.  Of course the US lags behind Europe when it comes to Office Ergonomics.  Our staff at Keynamics likes to do a little of both. Sit for a while, even in the reclined position working on our adjustable keyboard trays, then stand using our laptop on an adjustable monitor arm.

stand desk keyboard arm






Here is a great article on the debate…

Sit – Stand Desks


Sitting Disease – Keep Moving!

Sitting Disease is a joke among ergonomists – but the effects are real.  This is a great article on the proven dangers of sitting too long and how you can mitigate them.  They recommend “active sitting” or “active ergonomics”. Both our Aviator laptop stand and our BodyBilt chairs encourage active sitting. Enabling you to easily and frequently change your seated posture.  It really does not matter how healthy of a posture you have if you don’t frequently change it.  Keep moving!

active ergonomics active ergonomics








Laptop Stands and the History of keynamics

Laptop Stands and the History of Keynamics

 laptop Stand

Designing the world’s first laptop stand was just the beginning for Keynamics ®. Our founder and owner, Greg Bright, invented his stand back in the mid 1990’s – back when most folks thought office ergonomics was some sort of disease.

After patent approval and going into production in the first part of the new millennium, Mr. Bright was met with skepticism by laptop owners and professional ergonomists as well. “What is this and why would I need one?” was the typical response. The ergonomic community was already up in arms over the proliferation of laptops and denounced their usage all together – due to poor postures and repetitive strain injuries.

Well…the tsunami was hard to stop – notebooks are now outselling desktops and practically everyone has one . Even Corporate America is rushing out to replace all their old desktop PCs with laptops, even for their non-traveling employees.

Now that folks are becoming injured and worker’s comp claims are going up – awareness for laptop stands is at an all time high.

Everyone that is “feeling the pain” now understands the importance of healthy postures and laptop ergonomics. Recent medical studies have proven that an “open” or slightly “reclined” posture is one of the healthiest ways to sit and most ergonomists agree.

Note: Most ergonomists agree that the open posture and reclined sitting are easier on your back. Most ergonomists also agree that there is no single “healthiest” or best posture . Near-neutral posture, variety in postures, movement, and changes are best. The Aviator laptop stand promotes active ergonomics with multiple positions for frequent posture changes. The Aviator meets the recommendations as set forth by OSHA – the United States Federal Authority on workplace safety.

Traveling the safety and ergonomic show circuit, Mr. Bright began picking up other ergonomic computer workstation product lines that he knew would benefit his health and wellness minded customers – after all, the best laptop stand in the world can’t help someone if they are sitting in a $40 chair.

Fifteen years later, Keynamics has evolved into a full blown, one stop office ergonomics product and service provider.

One interesting little piece of history, was the day Mr. Bright was exhibiting at the National Ergonomic Convention in Las Vegas. That day, Mr. Gene Kay (then American Express – Global Ergonomics Manager ) came by for a visit and commented “I think you have figured out the solution for laptops.”  That was eight years ago, today Mr. Kay and Mr. Bright have teamed up to offer the best online ergonomic training program on the market. Please see our ergonomic training link above for the Ergo Advocate™ web based – office ergonomic training program developed by Gene Kay.

Whether it’s ergonomic products you want or ergonomic training for your employees, Keynamics has it all. We even manufacture custom made ergonomic products for our vendors and customers.

We hope you become one of our 10,000 plus satisfied customers.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our laptop stands,

The Keynamics Ergo Team

Laptop Stand

laptop desk stand

Laptop Desk Stand

Keynamics has been selling laptop stands for over 10 years now.  We are grateful for the thousands of customers  who have purchased out products over the years. Our goal is to provide total comfort for your office, whether that be a home office, small business office, or a corporate environment.  As we always say – “Comfort is Ergonomic”

Thanks Y’all!