Overheating HOT Laptop

If you are a Windows 10 laptop user, then you have experienced higher heat in your laptop due to more CUP usage caused by the improvements (and flaws) in Windows 10. A quick Google search reveals how common this problem is. The #1 solution in every fix you will read involves creating a cooler environment around your laptop. Heat is the number one enemy of your laptop, degrading not only performance, but also the life of the various internal hardware componants.

Laptop heat

Laptop Heat Removed by the Aviator Laptop Stand

Your laptop needs ventilation to cool itself. You should never use your laptop on anything other than a hard flat surface (no blankets, bedspreads or any material the blocks airflow.

You can improve airflow by using our Aviator Lapop Stand. We have purposely designed our stand to encourage the natural, upward rise of heat – which creates a chimney effect drawing heat back, up and way from your laptop.