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Our Laptop Stand Featured on These Tips For Working At Home

Many folks are being asked to work from home. Hopefully your company has been providing you with a safe, ergonomic workstation at the office. You can take many of those same precautions at home.

Laptop Stand For Home Office Ergonomics

Glad to see our old friend Gene Kay recommending our Aviator Laptop Stand.

Laptop Stand Photo Shoot

Having some fun with the green screen. Making some laptop stand YouTubes. Now… What to put in the background? The International space station maybe??

Does Recycling Plastic Actually Help? That depends…

We are proud to do our part to help the environment. We have always manufactured our (black) Aviator #LaptopStand using Post Industrial Recycled Plastic versus recycled consumer plastic waste. There are numerous advantages of using #PostIndustrialRecycledPlastic

All of these advantages boil down to common sense and realizing that most “Go Green” initiatives have been a Complete Lie – perpetuated by the players that profit from it – Including the politicians buying votes with it – to industry players taking advantage of an un-informed, well meaning society.

What is Post Industrial Recycled Plastic? Because of the nature of molding hot molten plastic into the products that we depend on – All #PlasticInjectionMolding manufacturing processes produce quite a bit of leftover small plastic chips, which basically can be swept off the manufacturer’s floor, re-ground into #nurdles and used again to mold something else. #ZeroTransportationWaste

Below are a few reasons it’s smarter to use this type of #recycledplastic over consumer waste.

#1 The lies that “some” Environmentalists Spread (who do you trust?):

We now knw that Corn fuel #Ethanol was a lie, just as Recycling Plastic is a lie, and now possibly elecric cars.

Transportation Lie – Where does all of that consumer plastic waste go? We used to ship it to China as part of a trade agreement (just like we force Mexico to manufacture our lead vehicle batteries) – China was forced to take it. However – they can’t use it either – where do you think those huge plastic vortexes come from in the Pacific Ocean?? The Chinese just empty their ships full of plastic into the ocean on their way back to China. #GreatPacificGarbagePatch Yep the greenies got dupped again!

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Great Pacific Garbage Patch – Thanks China!

Corn Fuel Lie #Ethanol – Boy oh Boy… the environmentalists really got duped on that one… #CornLobby WINNER – WINNER

#2 Consumer Recycled Plastic creates a bigger carbon footprint. Two large diesel trucks going to every household to pick up trash?? That’s frickin’ brilliant! Talk about waste on top of waste, (of which the burning of diesel fuel is only a small part) – Oh, but did you rinse out that plastic container before you put it in the bin??? #WaterWaste

#3 Consumer waste recycled plastic is pretty much useless in the manufacturing process. Molding hot, molten plastic is a very complicated process known as Plastic Injection Molding. These processes require just the right chemicle composition, just the right purity of the plastic, and just the right temperatures and pressures. With all of the varieties of unclean, dirty plastic in the trash – you will never be able to manufacture a useful product. By sweeping up the left over chips, re-grinding them into useful plastic nurdles again, we can be assured of a clean, “chemically correct” plastic for our Aviator Laptop Stand.

This is an interesting report that exemplifies the positives and negatives of a potential new recycling / environmental disaster, as a result of the good intentions of environmentalists – or maybe just dupped again… #ElectricCarBatteries #ElectricVehicleBatteries

Electric Vehicle Battery Waste

Overheating HOT Laptop

If you are a Windows 10 laptop user, then you have experienced higher heat in your laptop due to more CUP usage caused by the improvements (and flaws) in Windows 10. A quick Google search reveals how common this problem is. The #1 solution in every fix you will read involves creating a cooler environment around your laptop. Heat is the number one enemy of your laptop, degrading not only performance, but also the life of the various internal hardware componants.

Laptop heat

Laptop Heat Removed by the Aviator Laptop Stand

Your laptop needs ventilation to cool itself. You should never use your laptop on anything other than a hard flat surface (no blankets, bedspreads or any material the blocks airflow.

You can improve airflow by using our Aviator Lapop Stand. We have purposely designed our stand to encourage the natural, upward rise of heat – which creates a chimney effect drawing heat back, up and way from your laptop.