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Overheating HOT Laptop

If you are a Windows 10 laptop user, then you have experienced higher heat in your laptop due to more CUP usage caused by the improvements (and flaws) in Windows 10. A quick Google search reveals how common this problem is. The #1 solution in every fix you will read involves creating a cooler environment around your laptop. Heat is the number one enemy of your laptop, degrading not only performance, but also the life of the various internal hardware componants.

Laptop heat

Laptop Heat Removed by the Aviator Laptop Stand

Your laptop needs ventilation to cool itself. You should never use your laptop on anything other than a hard flat surface (no blankets, bedspreads or any material the blocks airflow.

You can improve airflow by using our Aviator Lapop Stand. We have purposely designed our stand to encourage the natural, upward rise of heat – which creates a chimney effect drawing heat back, up and way from your laptop.

Laptop Stand Assembly Instructions

Laptop Stand Assembly Instructions

Laptop Stand Assembly Instructions

Assembly – Position the Crosspiece over the Riser with the word “TOP” on the Crosspiece facing up. Slide the Crosspiece into the V Notches on the Risers. Use the outer two slots on the Crosspiece for wider laptops and the inner two slots for smaller laptops.
Place Your Stand On Any Flat & Stable Surface
Option 1 – Cantilevered Over The Edge
While in the “Cantilevered” placement the stand is secured and extended over the edge of the work surface by engaging the bottom rubber strips and the Edge Receiving Notch.
Option 2 – On Top
While in the “On Top” placement the rubber strips are not in contact with the work surface & the stand is free to glide around on the “Lateral Movement Contact Points”. These contact points are designed for easy re-positioning of the laptop on the work surface. They also provide enough resistance to prevent the stand from moving backwards while typing in the “On Top”position.
* Frequent changes between these two placements encourages active ergonomics.
* On very smooth surfaces (glass for example) too much force while typing could cause the stand to slide away on the work surface while in the “On Top” placement.
* Never leave your laptop unattended while in the cantilevered placement or while on an airplane, moving vehicle or when other persons / pets could bump the stand.
* Never extend the stand past the arrows on the “Edge Receiving Notch”. The stand is very stable when the arrows are directly over the front edge of the work surface.
Moving the laptop while on the stand: Grasp the front of the stand from the bottom with the forefingers in the “edge receiving notch”, while putting pressure on the top, front area of the laptop with the thumbs.
Storage: The parts are designed to interlock & slip into the side pocket of a laptop carrying case. While holding the risers together evenly, slide the crosspiece dovetails into the matching slots on the risers. Once assembled for storage, the snug fit of a laptop case pocket holds everything together securely – no extra carrying case or straps needed.
Proper use of the AVIATOR™ Laptop Stand for your health and safety:
Please visit the website of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) for recommended computing postures:
Open Posture – Straight Wrists – Supported Head & Neck – Supported Back

New Laptops Coming For 2019

CES Will Reveal All of the Latest Laptop Options

We can’t wait to see what new laptops are revealed next week at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Rest assured that our Aviator laptop stand will fit them all!

laptop stand made in usa

This article from Consumer Reports gives us a sneak peak. 

2019 Laptop Trends

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Laptops at CES

The New Laptops This Year Still Fit our Laptop Stand

Many new laptops were revealed this year at CES. The good news is that our laptop stand will fit any of them. This is a true testament to our simple, utilitarian design – spanning over 12 years now. Most times simple is better. Pictured below is one of the newer laptops from Lenovo that is featured in CES and the article below. The Carbon X-1 series.

laptop stand fits lenovoRead the full CES Laptop Article Here

Laptop Bans on Airplanes and Fires in Cargo Hold

United States Might Ban Laptops in Passenger Cabin

Your Aviator Laptop stand might be of no use, if you’re flying into the Untied States from some countries. We all love to get work done when flying and while waiting in airports with our laptop. For some of us, it’s our most productive hours on the laptop. As long as you’re staying comfortable with ergonomic postures, using our Aviator Laptop Stand of course ; )

laptop stand airport

This WIRED article brings up a good point. Are laptops stored away in cargo holds any safer?  Lithium-ion battery fires are serious stuff. Once ignited, they can not be extinguished until all of the chemical is used up. We would like to point out to the aviation officials that the natural airflow created underneath your laptop by our stand will keep your laptop cooler. One could argue, that this cooling affect could actually cause less lithium-ion battery fires – as long as passengers were using our laptop stands on the airplane tray table.

Keynamics promotes safety in the office and while traveling. We agree with WIRED that a bunch of laptops bouncing around in the cargo hold could start a lithium-ion battery fire – and worse yet, a chain reaction with multiple laptops burning…

See the WIRED article here