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At Keynamics, we sell our laptop Stand, as well as our iPhone and iPad Stands on Amazon. Simply click the link on our Laptop Stand Webpage link up top – Or by clicking here. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will get free shipping on our Laptops Stands, when you order the through amazon.

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Laptops at CES

The New Laptops This Year Still Fit our Laptop Stand

Many new laptops were revealed this year at CES. The good news is that our laptop stand will fit any of them. This is a true testament to our simple, utilitarian design – spanning over 12 years now. Most times simple is better. Pictured below is one of the newer laptops from Lenovo that is featured in CES and the article below. The Carbon X-1 series.

laptop stand fits lenovoRead the full CES Laptop Article Here

Laptop Bans on Airplanes and Fires in Cargo Hold

United States Might Ban Laptops in Passenger Cabin

Your Aviator Laptop stand might be of no use, if you’re flying into the Untied States from some countries. We all love to get work done when flying and while waiting in airports with our laptop. For some of us, it’s our most productive hours on the laptop. As long as you’re staying comfortable with ergonomic postures, using our Aviator Laptop Stand of course ; )

laptop stand airport

This WIRED article brings up a good point. Are laptops stored away in cargo holds any safer?  Lithium-ion battery fires are serious stuff. Once ignited, they can not be extinguished until all of the chemical is used up. We would like to point out to the aviation officials that the natural airflow created underneath your laptop by our stand will keep your laptop cooler. One could argue, that this cooling affect could actually cause less lithium-ion battery fires – as long as passengers were using our laptop stands on the airplane tray table.

Keynamics promotes safety in the office and while traveling. We agree with WIRED that a bunch of laptops bouncing around in the cargo hold could start a lithium-ion battery fire – and worse yet, a chain reaction with multiple laptops burning…

See the WIRED article here

Laptop Stand on Stand Up Desk

Use Our Laptop Stand at Your Stand Up Desk

An adjustable height Stand Up Desk is the best solution for sitting disease. Most ergonomists recommend being active as in active ergonomics. Sit for a while and stand for a while – while working on your laptop. The Aviator laptop sand is a great choice when standing as well as sitting. The angle is perfect to see the keyboard. The extra height is great for average height persons. We snapped some pictures while we were working on year end taxes. They’re done – YAY!

adjustable height desk laptop stand laptop stand adjustable height desk laptop stand up desk

On-Screen Drawing Devices Wacom and Aviator Laptop Stand

Our Aviator Laptop Stand Works Great as a Tablet  Stand or Digital Drawing Wacom Stand

A review from one of our Amazon customers

digita -tablet stand

Digital Tablet Stand – shown with Yoga Laptop

Amazon Review: “I’ve had my Keynamics Aviator stand since 2005 and it still isn’t showing any signs of wear. I originally bought it for use with a heavy HP workstation class notebook computer, but now it serves as an angled stand for my Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 16 TabletPC. For me, it’s absolutely perfect for that. It’s got a great angle for drawing, none of the vents are blocked, and there’s no risk of scratching the rear camera.

I love that it’s catelevered so that the front of my device is closer to me, while maintaining ultimate stability. It’s also light and packs

digital drawing stand

Digital Drawing Stand – shown with Yoga Laptop

relatively flat, so it’s not taking up much room in my backpack. I’ve been recommending them to everyone who’s been looking for a stand solution for their MobileStudio Pro, since Wacom has been lagging on the availability of the official stand. For the price and portability, I’d still go with this guy.”



tablet pc stand

Tablet PC Stand – shown with Yoga Laptop 

Laptop Stands and the History of keynamics

Laptop Stands and the History of Keynamics

 laptop Stand

Designing the world’s first laptop stand was just the beginning for Keynamics ®. Our founder and owner, Greg Bright, invented his stand back in the mid 1990’s – back when most folks thought office ergonomics was some sort of disease.

After patent approval and going into production in the first part of the new millennium, Mr. Bright was met with skepticism by laptop owners and professional ergonomists as well. “What is this and why would I need one?” was the typical response. The ergonomic community was already up in arms over the proliferation of laptops and denounced their usage all together – due to poor postures and repetitive strain injuries.

Well…the tsunami was hard to stop – notebooks are now outselling desktops and practically everyone has one . Even Corporate America is rushing out to replace all their old desktop PCs with laptops, even for their non-traveling employees.

Now that folks are becoming injured and worker’s comp claims are going up – awareness for laptop stands is at an all time high.

Everyone that is “feeling the pain” now understands the importance of healthy postures and laptop ergonomics. Recent medical studies have proven that an “open” or slightly “reclined” posture is one of the healthiest ways to sit and most ergonomists agree.

Note: Most ergonomists agree that the open posture and reclined sitting are easier on your back. Most ergonomists also agree that there is no single “healthiest” or best posture . Near-neutral posture, variety in postures, movement, and changes are best. The Aviator laptop stand promotes active ergonomics with multiple positions for frequent posture changes. The Aviator meets the recommendations as set forth by OSHA – the United States Federal Authority on workplace safety.

Traveling the safety and ergonomic show circuit, Mr. Bright began picking up other ergonomic computer workstation product lines that he knew would benefit his health and wellness minded customers – after all, the best laptop stand in the world can’t help someone if they are sitting in a $40 chair.

Fifteen years later, Keynamics has evolved into a full blown, one stop office ergonomics product and service provider.

One interesting little piece of history, was the day Mr. Bright was exhibiting at the National Ergonomic Convention in Las Vegas. That day, Mr. Gene Kay (then American Express – Global Ergonomics Manager ) came by for a visit and commented “I think you have figured out the solution for laptops.”  That was eight years ago, today Mr. Kay and Mr. Bright have teamed up to offer the best online ergonomic training program on the market. Please see our ergonomic training link above for the Ergo Advocate™ web based – office ergonomic training program developed by Gene Kay.

Whether it’s ergonomic products you want or ergonomic training for your employees, Keynamics has it all. We even manufacture custom made ergonomic products for our vendors and customers.

We hope you become one of our 10,000 plus satisfied customers.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our laptop stands,

The Keynamics Ergo Team

Laptop Stand

laptop desk stand

Laptop Desk Stand

Keynamics has been selling laptop stands for over 10 years now.  We are grateful for the thousands of customers  who have purchased out products over the years. Our goal is to provide total comfort for your office, whether that be a home office, small business office, or a corporate environment.  As we always say – “Comfort is Ergonomic”

Thanks Y’all!