On-Screen Drawing Devices Wacom and Aviator Laptop Stand

Our Aviator Laptop Stand Works Great as a Tablet  Stand or Digital Drawing Wacom Stand

A review from one of our Amazon customers


digita -tablet stand

Digital Tablet Stand – shown with Yoga Laptop

Amazon Review: “I’ve had my Keynamics Aviator stand since 2005 and it still isn’t showing any signs of wear. I originally bought it for use with a heavy HP workstation class notebook computer, but now it serves as an angled stand for my Wacom Mobilestudio Pro 16 TabletPC. For me, it’s absolutely perfect for that. It’s got a great angle for drawing, none of the vents are blocked, and there’s no risk of scratching the rear camera.

I love that it’s catelevered so that the front of my device is closer to me, while maintaining ultimate stability. It’s also light and packs

digital drawing stand

Digital Drawing Stand – shown with Yoga Laptop

relatively flat, so it’s not taking up much room in my backpack. I’ve been recommending them to everyone who’s been looking for a stand solution for their MobileStudio Pro, since Wacom has been lagging on the availability of the official stand. For the price and portability, I’d still go with this guy.”



tablet pc stand

Tablet PC Stand – shown with Yoga Laptop