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Control Room Chair Operations

Our 24/7 chairs for control rooms are not only the most comfortable on the market – they are one of the most durable. Please see our video below on the operations and controls offered in this chair.

Typically, control rooms will need some combination of the regular size and the “Big and Tall” series – warranted up to 500 pounds. The Big and Tall

911 Call Center 24-7 Dispatch Chairs Needed

Wisconsin 911 Calls Centers and Dispatch Could Get Upgrades

The state of Wisconsin is considering a $6.7 million upgrade for every 911 call center. The upgrades will focus on IT. We hope they consider an upgrade of their 24-7 chairs as well. Keynamics has been providing 24-7 chairs for 911 call and dispatch centers of over 10 years – it’s our specialty.

A chair can do more to improve a dispatcher’s efficiency and comfort than any other office tool. Bodybilt chairs have been proven to provide more comfort that just about any other chair, while our 24-7 Intensive use line will last for many years.

24-7 dispatch control room chair

Bodybilt chairs are custom made to order with many options to fit various end user height and weight ranges. We usually sell a fairly standard model to 911 Call centers for 24/7 use.